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Pompa Air Mancur Plastik Tahan Lama Dengan Bahan Bakar Listrik 8W Kecil

Cina Guangzhou City Freesea Industrial Co., Ltd. Sertifikasi
Cina Guangzhou City Freesea Industrial Co., Ltd. Sertifikasi
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Pompa Air Mancur Plastik Tahan Lama Dengan Bahan Bakar Listrik 8W Kecil

Durable Plastic Fountain Pond Pump With Small Power 8W Electric Fuel
Durable Plastic Fountain Pond Pump With Small Power 8W Electric Fuel

Gambar besar :  Pompa Air Mancur Plastik Tahan Lama Dengan Bahan Bakar Listrik 8W Kecil

Detail produk:

Tempat asal: Guangdong, Cina
Nama merek: FREESEA
Sertifikasi: CE,GS
Nomor model: FS-008

Syarat-syarat pembayaran & pengiriman:

Kuantitas min Order: 50 Potongan/potongan
Harga: Negotiable
Kemasan rincian: Freesea kemasan warna-warni atau kemasan polos dengan manual bahasa Inggris
Syarat-syarat pembayaran: T/T, Western Union, Moneygram, L/C
Detil Deskripsi produk
Kepala: 1,2 m Aplikasi: Submersible
Bahan bakar: Listrik Watss: 8W
tegangan: Garansi: 1 tahun
Cahaya Tinggi:

fish pond pump


koi pond pump

Blue and Red ABS Plastic Aquarium Fountain Pond Pump With small Power





1. It uses high-strength wear- resistant shaft core, has high efficient energy-saving, and long sevice life.

2. It has good waterproof, high dielectric strength; it is safe and reliable;

3. It has various functions as pumping, filter and oxygen;

4. Apply to aquarium, rockery pond water circulation device matching.





Model Power W H-max M Output L/H Hose Size mm Dimension mm
FS-004 4 0.6 350 8.5 35X35X25
FS-007 7 0.85 450 8.5/13 37X35X30
FS-008 8 1.2 600 8.5/13 45X45X36
FS-015 15 1.6 800 8.5/13 70X52X62
FS-021 21 2 1200 16/19/25 90X60X72
FS-030 30 2.2 2000 16/19/25 90X60X72
FS-045 45 2.5 2500 16/19/25 110X72X100
FS-050 50 2.8 2800 16/19/25 135X95X113
FS-060 60 3 3000 16/19/25 125X72X100
FS-080 80 3.5 3500 16/19/25 150X90X125
FS-095 95 4.5 4500 16/19/25 155X88X125
FS-150 150 5 5000 16/19/25







In order to ensure safety, all products are strictly inspected and tested, please according to the instructions for operation in case pumps are destroyed.

1. There is inside the pump or dirt into obstacles will reduce the effect of use of the product, if the pumps, pump out dirty cleaning of dirt.

2. Clean water pump, remove the front cover and waterleaf, with little brush or water, dirt, don't move pump shaft.

If the pump does not operate, according to the following verification:

1. Check whether the circuit is damaged, for another input to ensure that the pump power;

2. Ensure that the inlet without dirt;

3. Take out the rotor to ensure that the rotor is not damaged or blocked.


1. Please power off before use;

2. Please don't burn;

3. Do not directly use the power line to pick up the pump;

4. Do not operate in hot water;



Types of solar water pumps:

Brushed DC solar water pump

Brushless DC solar water pump (motor type)

Brushless DC solar water pump (magnetic drive isolated)

Characteristics of various solar water pumps




At present, the efficiency of silicon solar panels is difficult to increase in a short period of time. Although the second-generation thin-film solar cells and the third-generation organic solar cells have obvious advantages in cost, they are currently mass-produced with silicon solar panels. Compared to not competitive. In the future, silicon panels will still occupy a large market share. Therefore, in the future, the research and development direction of solar pump systems should focus on the following three aspects:


(1) Research and development of high-efficiency pumps and motors to improve the range of high-efficiency zones of motors and pumps under a wide range of speeds and flow rates and to reduce the system's pumping threshold power. Develop low-cost, high-reliability intelligent controllers to improve performance matching between components and respond to changing weather conditions, thereby improving system dynamic quality and overall efficiency. At the same time, the development and promotion of comprehensive technologies for complementary energy utilization of small and medium-sized wind-light-heat;


(2) General methods for predicting long-term performance of solar pump systems under multi-factor changes such as climate, light, water level and water demand, and system design methods based on dynamic changes, establishing databases in different regions to gradually replace the method of estimating static averages ;


(3) With the reduction of the price of the panel and the development of small and medium-sized solar systems, in the future, on the basis of optimizing the power of the panel, the evaluation of the operational reliability of the system should be increased to improve the long-term reliability of the system and the stability of the water supply.


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